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Revolution Ransomware: Complete Removal Guide

Revolution ransomware is a malicious crypto ransomware that aims at targeting the computer and the files that are stored in it. It makes entry in the operating system by opening an unreliable email attachment. Once it makes its successful entry in the operating system then the malware starts encrypting the file by using RSA-1024 cipher for data encryption and then adds .REVOLUTION file extension to every encrypted file.

After completion of file encryption then it saves a file on the desktop known as InfoFiles.txt also known as ransom note. In this note entire information is given on how to make the ransom payment if user wants to get their files back. Due to this reason this virus can be known as extortion tool that aims and takes the users file hostage for ransom.

remove revolution virus

The ransom note also contains an alternate contact email address which the victims can write to – getyourfilles@india.com. Fraudsters suggest that the victim has to pay the ransom within 72 hours; otherwise, all data will be lost.

But it would be better not to make any ransom payment rather opt for Revolution ransomware removal as soon as possible. This is because even after ransom payment there is no guarantee that user would get the decryption key from cyber criminals. As such the criminals simply disappear after receiving the ransom money.

So remove Revolution ransomware by using anti-malware removal tool discussed below. This tool performs complete system scan with powerful algorithm and makes computer safe and secure. To know more continue reading the below given instruction.


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