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Know how to Get Rid of Page-ups.com virus Browser Hijacker

Page-ups.com is a questionable search engine that appears in the web browser in place of the previous homepage. And if you encounter this then be sure that your browser have got hijacked by pup THAT IS POTENTIALLY UNWANTED PROGRAM. It also sets a hxxp://Page-ups.com/ as your homepage and set hxxp://Page-ups.com/all as your default search provider.

Page-ups.com virus copies the design of the Windows 8 and shows that it is legitimate, trustworthy and professional search engine. But in reality the search provided by that site should not be trusted.

remove page-ups.com virus

Once it makes entry in the operating system then Page-ups.com virus drops a batch file on the operating system and also modifies the browser shortcut for addressing all those malicious files. The batch file contains a command that opens Page-ups.com/all domain, which then redirects the user to one of the following search engines:






It is important to be alert with all the fake search tools that are provided under potentially unwanted program. So if you have noticed such browser then rush to remove Page-ups.com redirect virus immediately.

S it can be really very difficult to perform Page-ups.com virus removal from PC as such it spreads it malicious component all over the operating system. Unlike other browser hijackers, it doesn’t simply add a browser extension to control browser’s homepage and search settings. So to perform successful Page-ups.com virus removal install trustworthy anti-malware removal tool. It does complete system scan with powerful algorithm an then makes the computer safe and secure. To know more on removal steps continue reading the below mentioned instruction.

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