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SoFucked Ransomware Complete Removal Guide

SoFucked ransomware is a dangerous virus that is also known as sofucked@freespeechmail.org virus. It is especially designed to encrypt the file store in the operating system. At the time of encryption the virus appends the infected file with .fff file extension.

The cyber criminals also aims to distribute SoFucked misleading technique like malspam. Immediately after the program makes entry in the operating system then it encodes the files stored on the PC and immediately drops a ransom note known as READTHISHIT.txt. in this note complete explanation is given how to make ransom payment in exchange of decryption key.

remove sofucked ransomware

Message written in the ransom note by the cyber criminals says:

Ok, your files are gone, sort of. They are all encrypted, you cannot fix them, av companies won’t help you. If you really want to get them back you need to PAY for them.

Email me: sofucked@freespeechmail.org

SoFucked ransomware also aims at changing the desktop wallpaper of Windows operating system. On the wallpaper identical message is written. In the note it is clearly written that the criminals want ransom from the user and for this they asks user to write a message via given email address.

But this might happen that the email address can get banned for obvious reasons and you might lose connection with criminals at any moment after making ransom payment and user would not get the decryption key. Due to this reason it is advised not to make any ransom payment rather remove SoFucked ransomware from computer as soon as possible.

So to perform SoFucked ransomware removal opt trustworthy anti-malware removal tool. It does complete system scan with powerful algorithm and makes computer secure. To know more about removal steps continue reading the below mentioned steps.


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