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WhatsApp Virus and Scam: Removal Guidelines

WhatsApp virus is a malicious software program that have been created by the spammers to take advantage of WhatsApp application user. The original application itself is not a virus. But its platform or name can be use by the third parties to earn money by manipulating the users into downloading Trojan or can also take the confidential information of the users.

These malicious programs get installed in the infected operating system, thus only removing WhatsApp from the computer would not bring end to the problem. WhatsApp is a very popular an free messaging application that is compatible with  “Android,” “iPhone,” “BlackBerry,” “Windows” and other mobile operating systems. At present the database reaches over 1.2 billion users. So this is enough for the cyber criminals to create malware and earn money from that and get maximum benefit as well.

remove whatsapp virus

Moreover the security flaws that are in the program are also not helping the situation. At the beginning of this year, University of California researcher Tobias Boalter has detected a backdoor which enabled unauthorized and unmonitored access to the app.  However the flaws got quickly patched up but there is no guarantee that this situation cannot emerge again.

This is correct that WhatsApp uses its high end security and continues to deal with security issues. But there are many methods to use the application for malicious purposes.

WhatsApp virus versions:

WhatsApp GhostCtrl virus

WhatsApp voice message Trojan virus

WhatsApp Gold scam

WhatsApp trial service scam

So it is better to be alert and if already infected then WhatsApp virus removal is a must. Opt for anti-malware removal tool. It performs complete system scan with powerful algorithm thus completely remove WhatsApp virus from the device. To know more continue reading the below mentioned steps.

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