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Secure Search Virus Removal Guide

Secure Search virus is very dangerous and also a questionable Google Chrome extension that initiates URL redirect whenever user tries to make attempt for web search. Even after the users uses any search engine. This browser hijacker triggers and redirects through many website, before it lands the website on corrupted search results.

This hijacker at first connects to search.hr, then to feed2.traffisco.com/redirect, then to search.quicknetsearch.com and only then reaches the PlusNetwork page that provides search results.

remove secure search virus

Secure Search browser hijacker tracks the users searches and also uses the collected data as malicious work for market analysis. On the other hand it can also redirect the user to collect ad networks and ads. Thus it is not safe to use this search engine as such it forces the user towards questionable search engine and mostly towards sponsored results.

It also generate pay-per-click revenue by not providing relevant search results. Thus if user clicks on any of these results then they are risking their operating system and might also get redirected towards dangerous website that are standing in front to promote spyware and malware. On the other hand user can also lured towards vague websites that need user email address and other personal ID of user.

It is recommended not to provide any such information to the criminals as such it can be social engineering  attacks for forcing the user to open malicious files that are sent through email. So it is highly recommended to remove Secure Search browser hijacker from computer.

For Secure Search virus removal opt for anti-malware removal tool. It does complete system scan with powerful algorithm and then makes computer and browser free from Secure Search virus. To know more on removal steps continue reading the below mentioned steps.

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