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Convertmypdf.co forces to install Online Document Converter extension: Know Complete Removal Guide

Convertmypdf.co is a very dangerous browser hijacker that proves itself to be useful browser extension but in reality is not. It suggests users to convert .doc and .ppt files into .pdf file format that is also without any payment. So this way or that way, the tool that provide free services have to earn for their developers and this things get completed through its malicious browser hijacker features.

Convertmypdf.co tells user to install Online Document Converter extension that demand below given permissions like: Read/Change user’s data on websites one visits; Read/Change browsing history; Detect user’s physical location.

remove Convertmypdf.co

Once it get installed in the computer then it starts meddling with the browser parameter thus causes the browser to always open http://www.convertmypdf.co/homepage/homepage.html?id= on startup and also in opening new tab. Moreover the hijacker also redirects towards the search.yahoo.com site. All these gets altered by the hijackers developers and then it gets filled with many ads that lead to affiliated websites.

Moreover Convertmypdf.co clearly redirects towards Yahoo redirect virus family. Its main function is to trigger the unexpected redirection towards the eternal site every time user clicks on the sponsored search results, in this way it earns money. So it is important to remove Convertmypdf.co browser hijacker from computer.

As such this can also be said that it is an additional service of which user never asks for, and is particularly not safe either. User very soon get to know that the Convertmypdf.co redirects the user towards affiliated website frequently against users will. Thus it is important to uninstall Convertmypdf.co from browser ASAP.

Though user can opt for manual method of Convertmypdf.co removal but the its hectic an takes a lot of time. So the best way would be to opt professional anti-malware removal tool as such it does complete scanning of PC with powerful algorithm thus completely eliminates Convertmypdf.co browser hijacker from computer. Moreover to know more about the removal methods continue reading the below mentioned steps.

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