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Know Removal Guidelines: THTLocker Ransomware

THTLocker virus works like a ransomware and is very closely related to HiddenTear based Onion3Cry threat. From research it has been made clear that this ransomware is operating independently as well as cooperating with the latter virus. This virus is created on the source code pattern of HiddenTear but it does not exhibit any of its particular exceptional features.

THTLocker ransomware encrypts the files and then discloses very limited information to the users. In its first line its written that all the important files are collected in Russian language and further identify about the THTLocker ransomware.

remove thtlocker virus

THTLocker virus gets executed through cryptolocker.exe and it does not have any resemblance to Cryptolocker virus. All these tactics are used as alarming purposes  in order to encourage the victim for paying the ransom. So it is better to remove THTLocker ransomware from computer as soon as it gets recognized.

By making a close and clear look it becomes clear that THTLocker virus is screen locker rather than a genuine file-encrypting threat. Luckily, most of the security tools detect the malware as Ransom_LOCKSCARE.A or trojan.GenericKD.12399747. it rarely encodes the file rather lock the computer temporarily.

So it is better not to make any ransom because there is no guarantee that the cyber criminals would return the files even after getting the ransom money. So it is better to perform THTLocker ransomware removal soon. For this opt for anti-malware removal tool discussed below. And to download this removal tool reboot the computer in safe mood with networking. The software perform advanced system scan with powerful algorithm and then makes PC safe and secure.

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