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Know How to perform .Shit ransomware Removal from PC

.Shit virus is from Locky malware family. It is only used for blocking the users files, after encryption process completes then the user are informed that their valuable files have got encrypted and to get them back user would have to make ransom payment. The criminals have special decryption key stored in their server that will only be given to the user after user makes ransom payment.

Shit ransomware have got first spotted in France, there it was spreading through spam email as an attachment file labeled Receipt. And due to its active distribution, .Shit malware is very likely to spread to other parts of Europe and, eventually, the rest of the world. drops three types of files on the infected computer: _WHAT_is.html, _[2_random_numbers]_WHAT_is.html and _WHAT_is.bmp.

remove shit ransomware

Shit ransomware has the capability to do serious damage on the operating system. As such it implements military grade AES CBC 256-bit encryption for encrypting the files without giving the owners any chance of recovery. In addition virus also changes the located file names to a random row of characters and pins the controversial .Shit extension to all of the encrypted files.  So it is advised to remove .Shit ransomware from computer as soon as possible.

To perform .Shit ransomware removal from computer it is advised to opt trustworthy anti-malware removal tool that is mentioned below.  It perform complete computer scan with powerful algorithm and then makes PC safe and secure.  To know more continue reading the below mentioned steps.

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