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How to Delete INCANTO ransomware from PC

INCANTO ransomware is a latest virus that encrypts the files by using RSA-1024 encryption algorithm. And after completion of the file encryption it leaves a ransom note known as!!!GetBackData!!!.txt  that contains message of cyber criminal on how to pay ransom and get the decryption key.

INCANTO ransomware forces the user to make ransom payment in order to get access to their files. Along with this the criminals also leaves email message the only way to contact the criminal incantofiles@bitmessage.ch and incantofiles@india.com email addresses.

remove incanto ransomware

At first the ransomware virus makes entry in the operating system and then does complete computer scan  in search of valuable files and folders like pictures, documents, videos, audio files and similar.  And after the files gets encrypted then it appends with .INCANTO file extension added after the original file extension.

INCANTO ransomware malware outputs a message into a text file which it copies to every folder that contained at least one target file. Below you can see part of the ransom note.

All files with .INCANTO extension are encrypted.

Encryption was produced using private key RSA-1024 generated for this computer.

To decrypt your files, you need to obtain private key + decrypt software.

So it is advised to remove INCANTO ransomware from computer as soon as possible. For this reboot the operating system in safe mood with networking and then install anti-malware removal tool as discussed below. It perform complete computer scan and make the computer safe and secure. To know more continue reading the below mentioned steps.

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