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Gmail Virus Removal Guide

Gmail virus is a scam that are create by the cyber criminals. It is very dangerous as such it can cover  Gmail scams, phishing attacks, hoaxes and the malware that has the ability to compromises the users account. The virus makes entry from malicious email attachment and then infiltrates the Gmail users computer.

The Google Gmail is one of the best email service provider with more than 1 billion monthly active users. Thus it becomes easy for the cyber criminals to easily target the users on virtual communication platform.

remove gmail virus

The criminals easily targets the Google Mail by sending malicious file attachments in the form of .ZIP, .JS or .Word files. It also sends fake Google Docs links, thus increases the number of ransomware attack in the operating system.

By clicking on the link user gets redirected to Google Security Page, and then it asks the user permission for the malicious app to manage the one’s email account. This way the virus starts using the users account for distributing itself to users contacts and this way the scam gets widespread.

In addition the Gmail virus used one more technique as such the attackers started distributing email that contains fake Gmail attachment, deceit lies in the email message body. It looks much real, but in reality it is a well-designed and precisely-placed image with a hidden URL. Clicking on it will take users to phishing websites that looks like legitimate Gmail login page. And when user enter the login page then the users account gets hacked. Thus it is important to remove Gmail virus from operating system soon, because as it gets downloaded then it start causing damage to your operating system as well.

To perform Gmail virus removal is one of the important task to be performed after getting infected with this virus and for this reboot the system in safe mood with networking and then install anti-malware removal tool. This tool perform complete system scan and make computer secure. For more information continue reading below mentioned steps.

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