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Fireball virus act as critical backdoor: Removal Guidelines

Fireball virus is a very dangerous Chinese Malware that has compromised over 250 million computer all over the world. This malicious software easily hijacks the web browser and then replace the current homepage, default search engine and new tab as well. The change URL points to Rafotech search engine, moreover the result shown by this questionable search tool shows itself as getting result from giant companies like Google, Yahoo etc.

But in reality is filled with promoting ads that are very dangerous sites thus creates a lot of problem in operating system. Fireball virus gives search tools that have tracking pixel an can easily be used to record users private data. It starts giving many intrusive pop-up as and then starts manipulating all the search result. The Fireball virus can change itself in weapon and then give chance to the attackers to infect the compromised operating system with additional virus. Different parts of search engine that runs by Rafotech are:;;;;;;

remove Fireball virus

So this is very important to remove Fireball virus from system for computer safety and security reason. Fireball virus affected mostly India, Mexico, Brazil, United States and Indonesia. It has anti-detection feature, the ability to communicate with Command & Control server and multiple layers structures. It also act as critical backdoor thus very dangerous for computer.

Fireball virus removal can be performed but user must not try to root out the infection manually as such it is highly sophisticate threat. Use professional anti-malware software, it performs complete scanning of PC with powerful algorithm thus completely uninstall Fireball virus from system. To collect more information about removal methods continue reading below mentioned steps.

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Removal Guide Error: Unknown System Failure from PC

“Error: Unknown System Failure” is a kind of malicious program that continuously display disturbing pop-up messages and asks the user to call MS technician to make the problem resolved.  But in reality it belongs to the tech support scam malware category. The main aim of this deceptive is to launch new browser windows and then loads many malicious phishing website that only look like MS support pages but in reality is filled with malicious things.  After this it start trigging many pop-ups that influence the user to call MS technician, and user thinks that there PC is in danger because of some very big reason.

All the targeted phishing pages are filled with many suspicious URLs for example: msoft[.]com-msoft435[.]info/ or microsoft.supportkey2[.]info/. The attentive computer users understands  that these are fake messages and have nothing to do with Microsoft and is completely filled with scam.  But on other hand the inexperience users can easily get convinced with these fake alert pop-up messages and thinks that all these are legitimate.


Not only this but it also provides fake 855-385-8544 or 888-576-1517 calling number. And if user calls at given number then, then they comes in contact with criminals, that frightened users and make them obey their commands. The scammers ask the users to open their PC and ask them to follow useless direction and related task. Frauds make the user convince that their PC is having malware and due to that does not act normally and being monitored by cyber criminals. To confuse the users many fake codes are also displayed on monitor like Error #268D3 or Error # FXX07. Here the final aim of scammers is to convince the user any how to make them buy some useless software to resolve entire issues.

It would be wise decision not to get in all those fake talks and act wisely. Remove Error: Unknown System Failure from computer as soon as possible. The scammers or frauds only tends to exploit the user for their personal benefit. If you are an alert user then simply identify the fake program and remove Error: Unknown System Failure from PC. If not then it would be wise to use professional anti-malware program to get rid of it. The program has powerful algorithm that performs smart scanning of complete computer thus makes PC safe.


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